Windows-Tools on CD-ROM (or USB stick)

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Having created several bootable Windows CD-ROMs with Bart's PE Builder, I thought how nice it would be if I could use some of the plugins on running systems (i.e. without having to reboot). So in spring 2004 I started searching the Internet for useful utilities that can be run directly from CD-ROM. These were my requirements:

Here's my list. Download the tools, exctract the archives to a folder on your harddisk and burn them on a CD-ROM. I especially like those cute mini DVD-RWs. Or just put them on your USB-stick. If you leave out all unnecessary files (documentation, language files, etc.) and compress all executables with UPX, all these tools together take less than 100 MB of disk space.

If you have any comments or suggestions write to: mail at dirk-loss de.

Optional: Use the tools together with PE Builder:

If you want a really nice CD-ROM, start Bart Lagerweij's PE Builder, tell it to include the tools folder on the CD-ROM (by entering the path as a 'custom directory' on the start screen) and create appropriate entries for the Nu2menu system. By using PE Builder you can optionally run the tools from a clean (rescue) system running completely from CD-ROM. And you have a nice menu that automatically starts when you insert the CD-ROM into a running Windows system.

Desktop Utils

File Analysis

File Management

File Recovery

File Transfer

Hardware Info

Network Tools

Office Apps

Process Viewer

Registry Tools

Remote Control

Other GUI Tools

Command Line Tools

Useful Links

More interesting tools

Portable Software

Mostly for USB sticks, so some of these tools may not work from CD-ROM.

Tool collections for instant download

Try one of these if you don't want to download every program in my list separately.

General Freeware sites

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