Python tools for penetration testers

If you are involved in vulnerability research, reverse engineering or penetration testing, I suggest to try out the Python programming language. It has a rich set of useful libraries and programs. This page lists some of them.

Most of the listed tools are written in Python, others are just Python bindings for existing C libraries, i.e. they make those libraries easily usable from Python programs.

Some of the more aggressive tools (pentest frameworks, bluetooth smashers, web application vulnerability scanners, war-dialers, etc.) are left out, because the legal situation of these tools is still a bit unclear in Germany -- even after the decision of the highest court. This list is clearly meant to help whitehats, and for now I prefer to err on the safe side.


Debugging and reverse engineering




Malware analysis



Other useful libraries and tools

The Python Arsenal for Reverse Engineering is a large collection of tools related to reverse engineering.

There is a SANS paper about Python libraries helpful for forensic analysis (PDF).

For more Python libaries, please have a look at PyPI, the Python Package Index.

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